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Body Language Signs

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Picture About Body Language Signs

Body Language Signs
Add body language signs to your written work with this neat info-graphic / cheat sheet for writers.

All body language signs must be considered within the context of the situation, but if you have done a good job of setting your scene, and established your characters, integrating some body language signals into your work can inspire a new dimension to your creativity as an author and/or writer. 

Body Language Cheat Sheets for Writers and Authors

Body Language Signs Cheat Sheets Writers Authors Infographic

Body Language Definition

Body language
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Body language refers to various forms of nonverbal communication, wherein a person may reveal clues as to some unspoken intention or feeling through their physical behavior. These behaviors can include body posture, gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements. Body language can also vary depending on the culture.

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For more information on Body Language Signs see the Wiki article How to Read Body Language.

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