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60 The Best Safety Quotes

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Safety Quotes: Hi.!! You are looking for the Safety Quotes which helps us to free from harm or danger. Here we Inspirational Love Quotes have published the Best Safety Quotes for you to keep away from danger and and put in a safe place.

Top 60+ Best Safety Quotes

Safety Quotes
Safety Quotes
In skating over thin ice our safety is our speed.

Be sure, Be safe.
Fear is the father of courage and the mother of safety.
Don't play for safety. It's the most dangerous thing in the world.
Obedience is the mother of success and is wedded to safety.
The safest strategy is to draw lots of circles and hold lots of barbeques.
Obedience is the mother of success and is wedded to safety.
If safety is a joke, then death is the punchline. 
The man that dares traduce, because he can with safety to himself, is not a man.
The decision makers face each other. No safety screen stands between the issues and the highest authorities. 
The desire for safety stands against every great and noble enterprise.
“The wise man in the storm prays to God, not for safety from danger, but deliverance from fear
“Work safe today – heaven can wait.�?
“There is safety in reserve, but no attraction. One cannot love a reserved person.�?
“For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind.�?
Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy.
It's not how big the butt is, but how firm and fit.
Better safe than sorry
Be silent and safe — silence never betrays you.
Government's first duty and highest obligation is public safety.
The house of danger is built upon the borders of safety.
Safety Quotes
Safety Quotes

“‘Safety first’ is ‘safety always.’�?
They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it.
The trodden path is the safest.
The way to be safe is never to feel secure
He that's secure is not safe 
Safety can distinguish you. Lack of safety can extinguish you.
Luck runs out but safety is good for life.
Our insignificance is often the cause of our safety.
Safety is as simple as ABC - Always Be Careful.
Safety Miracles Happen.
Safety never takes a holiday. 
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.�? - Benjamin Franklin
Working safely is like breathing - if you don't, you die.
Safety from external danger is the most powerful director of national conduct.
Safety has no time out
Caution is the parent of safety
Safety isn't expensive, its priceless.
The desire for safety stands against every great and noble enterprise.
“Safety doesn’t happen by accident.�?
It is never safe to look into the future with eyes of fear.
Safety fits like a glove; Try one on.
Tomorrow - your reward for working safely today.
Safety brings first aid to the uninjured.
Early and provident fear is the mother of safety
There is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, at any time. 
The safety and happiness of society are the objects at which all political institutions aim, and to which all such institutions must be sacrificed.
Make safety a reality and don’t be a fatality
There is always safety in valor
Safety is understanding, it is an attitude of mind ? it is not necessarily a simply following of rules or directions.
The dangers of life are infinite, and among them is safety.
“When you gamble with safety, you bet your life.�?
Sweet is the remembrance of troubles when you are in safety.
Confidence cannot find a place wherein to rest in safety
“Precaution is better than cure.�?
Safety is from God alone.
Tears are the safety valve of the heart when too much pressure is laid on it.
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