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Don't be a Silent Reader

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I often wonder about silent readers. I wonder who you are, what you do, why you read my blog.

I wonder because I am what you would call an 

“I’m reading your blog and you will know it” reader. 
Why? I'm not entirely sure. I do know that I love to engage with a blogger that I feel has something in common with me. But then again, there are also bloggers that I follow that I have nothing in common with, but I enjoy the way they write, take pictures, dress, etc.

I’m serious, every blog that I have ever followed has at least one comment from me. It is my way of letting that blogger know that I follow them because I enjoy their blog. But I also notice that when I leave several comments and get no interaction back, I become a silent reader. 

So I wonder if some of my silent readers feel/felt that I have not made an effort in interacting with them when they made an attempt to interact with me. Or maybe some people do not like to join the conversation because they do not feel they have anything extra to add. 

Or maybe the whole 
"if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" 
is working in my favour  
Let’s hope that is not the case ;).

Getting off track here.

Any who, all of this to say that I really would like to know who’s reading. So if you are a silent reader and have never left a comment, jump out the bushes and scare me with a hello. I just might hop on over to your space and violate you with comments/emails.

Lot's of Love from BQ

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