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Married to a handsome ghost

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Picture About Married to a handsome ghost

Last night I was lying on the bed and it was 12 o’ clock. I was chatting with my friend Criss discussing about my poems and after saying good night to her I was listening to some music and I slipped into slumber. About 2 or 3 o’ clock at the night I got up and realised that my music player was still on, so switched it off. Then I went back to bed and wrapped the blanket round myself as it was a bit cold.

I could suddenly feel hot air on my neck and felt like someone was breathing over my neck. Moreover, I could feel someone move its arms around my waist. That's right there was a ghost on my bed because I sleep alone in my room!

It’s spooky and strange and unbelievable too but trust me I felt that and I immediately got up and sat on the bed and what do I see?? I saw a dim light over my dressing table. I saw that the ghost was writing something on the mirror when I went near the mirror shivering. I saw that the ghost was writing with my maroon lipstick. It said

"I love you darling."

I wanted to scream at that moment but unfortunately could not get my voice to come out.

Then suddenly I felt something cold grab my waist. I felt a hand push my hair back and it started kissing my neck then the ghost whispered in my left ear, "Will you marry me."
I turned and before I could scream I saw a ray of light one figure. I expected a very dreadful, scary figure like the ones we see in the movies like "Grudge" or "The ring".

He was very far from scary, he was very handsome, he was 5'8 perfect for my 5 feet height, he was a well built man, he had dark hair and skin like snow and he was shining like the moon in the sky.

It was "Ray". I had seen Ray two months back when I was waiting for a taxi. He was standing beside me, he smiled at me and I smiled at me. We said "hi" to each other and he told that his name was Ray. I shook hands with him and just then a hipster pushed me and I lost my balance and was about to be hit by a bus but he ran, caught my hand and pushed me away. The next thing that I saw was that Ray was lying on the road, motionless and bleeding. I couldn't see him as a lot of people had gathered around him. I couldn't stop crying. We had just met 5 minutes ago and had 60 second conversation and he had saved my life.

I was so grateful to him and for a month I had gone to that place every day just with hope that may be just maybe one day might get to see "the man who had saved my life" but I never saw Ray after that. And now Ray, the man who saved my life was standing before me, I could not believe my eyes.

“How did he find where I stayed?” I asked myself.

To my utter surprise I got a reply, “I saw you when you came in search of me on Street way road, you couldn't see me because I was dead by then Lina, it took me two months to learn the powers so that you could see and touch me.” He further added, “I found you three days back but did not want to scare you, I have been seeing you sleep and ‘it is the most beautiful sight that I have ever seen before’; I fell in love with you, the first time I saw you.”

“I love you too, Ray.” saying this I started to cry.

He grabbed me by my waist and my feet were no longer on the ground. "My prince had swept me of my feet" he had these most beautiful brown eyes like chocolate chips in milk. I could drown in those eyes forever. Then our chests touched each other, I could feel my chest being pressed against his cold but hard chest. I felt like as if I was in the most secure, safe and the most amazing place. It was like I had forgotten all my worries; I had the most remarkable feeling of my life. He carried me in his arms. We had locked our eyes in each others eyes; he walked to my bed and sat on it. I was sitting on his lap. He slowly pushed away my hair from my face and ran his finger on my cheek and lips then he smiled and kissed my lips.

Then he took out a ring and showed it to me. It was a beautiful platinum ring which had a blue diamond which was princess cut. I smiled and nodded. He placed the ring in my ring finger. We were married and no one could part us now. He made me lay on the bed and he lay beside me with his left hand under my head and his right hand over my waist hugging me. I could be like this forever as ‘I was married to the most handsome guy.’ I lay hugging and talking to him, I didn't remember when I fell asleep.

Today morning when I got up I thought "what a beautiful dream I had", I saw Ray in my dreams and just as I was about to get up I saw that the blue diamond ring which was my wedding ring in the dream was actually on my finger.

"My heart skipped a beat."


by: Thumblina

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