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20+ Beautiful Love Quotes | Thoughts and Sayings for Him and Her

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Picture About 20+ Beautiful Love Quotes | Thoughts and Sayings for Him and Her

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Here is on diary love quotes a collection of most inspiring, amazing and cute love quotes selected by editor for him and her. Share these quotes with your loved ones and inspire them with our collection and your feelings. diary love quotes has a wide collection of love quotes, thoughts and sayings. You can also find some interesting poetry, love couple Images, urdu, hindi and english poetry on our page.

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True and Inspiring Quotes about Love:

1. She Likes him, He Likes Her .. Everyone Knows, expect them.
2. I can talk to hundreds of people in a day but none of them compare the smile you give me in just a minute.
3. When two people are really in Love with each other. They won't ever let go. even if, It hurts a thousand times.
4. 1 Universe , 9 Planets, 204 countries, 809 Islands, 7 Seas, and I had the privilege to meet you.
5. I never thought, I'd love you so much.
6. When you are important to another person, that person will always find a way to make time for you.
7. I think of you during the most random times.
8. I love you in any condition and under any circumstances.
9. I want you so be brave and want me back.
10. Sex is not love and the love is not sex  !! Sex can be a part of romantic love but it is never mandatory.
11. Guys use the word "Friendship" to start love but Girls use the word "Friendship" to end love.
12. One of the best thing in the world When someone you love holds your hand.
13. Remember, anyone can love you when the sum is shining in the stroms is where you learn truly cares for you.
14. I love you not because I need you ... But I need you because I Love You.
15. When you smile, my heart flies and when I know you are not mine my heart dies.
16. There is a weird pleasure in loving someone who doesn't love you.
17. Every time you come in mind, I realize I am Smiling.
18. I want to be with you until the sun falls from the sky.
19. It's obvious that my heart beats for you.
20. No matter how long it takes, True love worth the wait.
21. You brought colors into my life.
22. I'm really hopping that you miss me too.
23. I'm 99% sure that you don't love me. but it is that only 1% that keeps me hanging on.

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