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Beautiful &Cute Romantic Urdu Poetry for Lovers & Couples

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Picture About Beautiful &Cute Romantic Urdu Poetry for Lovers & Couples

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Beautiful Urdu Romantic Poetry

Socha Tha Os Bewakuf ko bhool Jayenge,
Dekh ker bhe Andeka Kar Jayenge,
Par Jaise e Woh Samne Aaya Haseen Chehra,
Socha is Baar Dekh len Agli Baar bhhool Jayenge…………!

Aakhen Toh Pyaar Mey DIL Ki Zubaan Hoti Hai,
Chahat Toh Sadaa Bezuban Hoti Hai..
Pyaar Mey Dard Bhee Mile Toh Kya Ghabrana..
Suna Hai Dard Se Chahat Or Jawan Hoti Hai…!!!

Judai K Lamhey Be-qarar Karte Hain,
Mere Haalat He Mujhe Laachar Karte hain,
Kabi Toh Parh Leta Aankhein Meri..
Kaise Kud Kahe Hum k Tumhi se Pyaar Karte Hain…!!!

Na Gulfam Na Salaam Chahiye
Na Mubarak Na Paigaam Chahiye
Jise Pi Kar Madhosh Ho Jau'n Main
Aaj Mere LaBo Ko Aisa Jaam chahiye!!!

Mere Lafzoon ki Pehchan Agar Woh Kar Leti….
Toh Ussey Mujhse Nahi Khud Se Mohabbat Ho Jati !!

Romantic Poetry in English

I want to hug you tight.!
I wanna kiss your lips.!
I want to make you feel wanted.!
I wanna call you mine.!
I want to hold you forever.!
Miss you, my sweetheart!!!!

If u ever ask me how many times..
you have crossed my mind, I would say once.
Because when came, and never left!!!

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